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Wine Around The World Company

Feuille de vigne

Our creations in the heart

of your best tasting...

Feuilles de vigne

An Oenotourism of Excellence... to the French!

The cellars of our most beautiful French estates are a showcase and often a national heritage to be safeguarded and magnified in order to give visitors from all over the world an exceptional moment.

In these places of sharing and discovery around wine, our different designs showcase all your tastings and sublimate both your products and your events.

Enhance your Castles and Domains with High furniture range, your image and treat each of your guests a thrilling experience in an elegant and luxurious atmosphere.

> Our creations
Feuilles de vigne

Stand out from competition

The barrel is one of the strong symbols of conviviality.

Our removable trays adapt themselves thanks to an elegant steel structure, you will be able to create "THE" table of the original Chef, offering an ergonomics allowing to reunite up to ten people around the same center of sharing, spacious and to seat height.

Adaptable tailor-made to optimize and make profitable your space against the restricted use of a barrel without a plateau common to other establishments.

> Our designs
Feuilles de vigne

Add a touch of Design to the heart of your terraces

Our coffee table "Beach" offers you the opportunity to stage a unique and exceptional way your terrace. Create a cozy and intimate Lounge area, thanks to our open trays at their center to receive champagne basins, umbrellas or any other element allowing you to rethink the concept of the classic coffee table.

> Our shades and materials
Feuilles de vigne

Your Nights & Events highlighted

Enhance your buffets with indirect lighting or create a unique atmosphere to the image of your benefits, terrace, garden and other reception area, we offer models equipped with LEDs, remotely controlled by their remote control or via your smartphone. Change as you wish, your luminous atmospheres, thanks to the multiple possibilities of fixed or animated programming to the rhythm of your musical ambiances.

> Our accessories

Reinventing a cult object
of French heritage

Craftsmen of France, guarantee of a technical know-how and pledge of quality, the authenticity of the product is at the heart of our engagements.

By giving new life to wine barrels, our brand wants more than just a table, to design an object of character, witness of the meeting between French tradition and the modernity of an elegant and innovative design.

The bespoke being one of the major assets of our products, let yourself be guided and inspired by the materials selected by us, solid oak, stone and mosaic, shades of natural pigments, textures of steel, to make your projects a reality.

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Tonneau WAW
Virginie Vincent

Our Story

This adventure was born from the meeting of its two co-founders, Virginie Langlois & Vincent Girona, united by the same passion for wine and more than 20 years of travel and meetings around the world. The initials of their forenames joining together form the "W" of the Wine Around the World Company.

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